Community Service

Fairport believes in supporting the community as a company and through encouraging employees to participate in and hold leadership positions in charitable and professional organizations.

Community Beacon

To provide meaningful support as a team, we’ve adopted the policy of selecting one charitable cause per year that reflects our values. In 2024, we have selected Animal Welfare, and specifically the Cleveland Animal Protective League, as our Community Beacon recipient. The mission of the Cleveland APL is to foster compassion and end animal suffering.

Fairport Community Beacon Logo

Located in the Tremont area of Cleveland, the Cleveland Animal Protective League relies solely on donations and program fees to investigate and prosecute animal cruelty in Cuyahoga County and assist approximately 15,000 homeless animals a year through a variety of progressive programs. The Cleveland APL has been creating “happily ever afters” in Northeast Ohio since 1913.

“We are honored to have been selected as the Fairport Community Beacon for 2024, out of what feels like an endless list of possibilities,” says Sharon Harvey, President & CEO of the Cleveland Animal Protective League. “It is deeply meaningful when other local organizations recognize the value of what we do, and want to help us—and the animals, people, and community we serve. Thank you, Fairport Wealth, for choosing to support our mission of fostering compassion and ending animal suffering in the coming year.”

Matt Logar, Fairport Wealth CEO and two-time APL kitten adopter shares, “Our team members are thrilled with the opportunity to support a cause so close to their hearts and we cannot wait to find innovative ways to support the APL’s mission in our respective communities.” Initial plans include sponsorship of the organization’s Fur Ball, supply drives, volunteering, and promotion of adoption and fostering opportunities. As always, our clients, who share our commitment to philanthropy, will be invited to join us along the way.