Over the course of time, many women change careers, find themselves sandwiched between aging parents and growing children, get divorced or lose their spouse. We are there for you, come what may, to help you stay in control of your finances and wealth plan.

Fairport Wealth understands the individual needs of high-net-worth women who:

Have unique financial challenges. We take the time to get to know you, so we understand your personal, professional and financial situation, the challenges you may face, and goals you would like to achieve.

Want to be treated with respect. You may not know all there is to know about investing, and that’s okay. We give you the information you need to feel in control of your wealth plan, without talking down to you.

Need a personalized approach to wealth planning. Whether you want to meet with us for a detailed conversation about investing, or prefer expediency, we provide the level of service you need and the proactive communications you want.

We listen to what you have to say, then provide you with personalized, respectful and tailored financial solutions to help you meet your wealth planning goals. At Fairport Wealth, you work with advisors who are experienced and credentialed, who guide women like you through all of life’s stages.

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Case Studies

Fairport Story Grieving Widow

Grieving Widow Gains More than Knowledge

Judy suddenly and unexpectedly lost her husband of many years. She was left with $3 million in investable assets and a total net worth of $5 million. Judy’s husband had always had the primary relationship with their financial advisor, Dean, and often attended meetings without Judy. She had little knowledge of her and her husband’s investments or other details of their financial plans.

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Fairport Story Divorcing Woman

Divorcing Woman Finds Solutions and Support

Amanda’s whole world came crashing down when she discovered that her husband of 14 years was having an affair with a mutual friend. Luke had betrayed and embarrassed her. Although he was apologetic for the distress he had caused her and their children, he felt the relationship had been in trouble for a while.

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Fairport Story Inheritance

Inheritance Drives Wife to Seek Sound Advice

Dave and Margo’s finances had become increasingly complex. Both in their late 40s, they had two young daughters to raise and educate as well as their own careers to consider. When a major life event, the death of Dave’s father, left them an inherited property, they realized they needed some sound advice.

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