Alternative investment and restricted stock considerations bring new responsibilities and questions. At Fairport, we are dedicated to guiding clients before, during and after these significant events. Fairport makes a difference for executives in transition.

Fairport Wealth understands the individual needs of executives and professionals:

Have access to alternative investments, restricted stock and/or phantom shares and look to a wealth manager to help weigh their options;

Need ongoing, independent-minded, objective advice and analysis;

Want to achieve their dynamic personal, family, economic and philanthropic goals.

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Fairport Story Executives Retire

Executive Retires into New Horizons

Steve started to realize how complicated his feelings about retirement were when he received notice from his employer, a large global oil company based in Texas, that it would be offering sizable early retirement packages to those in upper management who might want it. Financially, it would be a smart move for him, adding to an already impressive pension plan, a well-funded IRA and 25 years’ worth of vested company stock awards. But emotionally, thinking about life without work chilled him.

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